Sunday (Without God) and AoD… 2?

So, today I started watching the anime series “Sunday Without God” on hulu. The concept is pretty damn interesting – god fucked up and heaven is overbooked, so he shutters the gates and tells everybody left on Earth, “Good luck with that, fuckers. I’m out.” The dead don’t die, they just continue to walk around while their bodies stop thriving, basically becoming decaying flesh golems. Their brains still work on a technical level, but they start to revert to their primitive state, so humans devolve into little better than animals after a period of time. The only way to kill them are a group graced as god’s “Gravediggers”, who put bodies to rest in the ground with their ornate shovels (which also end up being used as weapons more often than not) and send their souls on to heaven… cuz, I guess they’re working on an expansion and can only take a minute number of new occupants in the meantime? Meh, whatever. Like I said, damn interesting concept. So far the show itself is pretty much what you’d expect from a Japanese cartoon – cute little optimist girl who shows way too much leg while trying to figure out her veiled past, discovering a world altogether new to her, meeting a diverse group of new friends, and have her life constantly threatened by dangers no normal 12 year old could survive. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching past episode 4, but give it a quick look yourself if it sounds at all interesting to you.

Also, just learned that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have finally agree to do a new Evil Dead movie. Apparently it’ll be a sequel to Army of Darkness called, for now, Army of Darkness 2. It’s planned to lead into a 3rd AoD movie that will actually bridge Ash’s continuum with that of the Evil Dead reboot universe. Good? Bad? END OF THE WORLD?! Tell me what you think!

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