A Message from Cody Knotts

So, after I dookied all over Pro Wrestlers Vs. Zombies last week, writer-director Cody Knotts sent me a message, proving once again that indy horror movie makers are decent blokes with a sense of humor about themselves. I operate on the same principles they do: you can’t take the piss out of ’em when they’ve already put all of their piss into their movies. Here’s what Mr. Knotts had to say about Episode 45 –

“While I wish you would have enjoyed it…I loved reading your review…I laughed and laughed. You have a talent for writing funny reviews (though I would focus less on references to feces..you have a real talent for whit).
Anyways, thanks for the review, even though it wasn’t good.”

Not nearly as masochistic as Adam Minarovich, but always good to know I can make people laugh while I’m publicly insulting their efforts. At least he’s not challenging me to a fight like Uwe Boll would… fuck! I’ve had the new site for over a year now and I haven’t run that Nazi through the wringer yet?! I’ll have to have my secretary sex slave remind me to do so when I get back from my world tour… by which I mean I’ll write it on my Post-It pad… that, yes, I do have sex with… and, yes, I do get frequent paper cuts… You don’t like it? Get back on the Mayflower and fuck off then, you prudes!


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