Happy Birthiversary to Us!

Hidey-ho, sisters and bros! tToA turns 2 today! Woohoo! Yep, we’re in the proverbial twos of terribleness now. Second anniversary. Traditionally, that’s the China and/or cotton anniversary, so if anybody wants to buy us a Re-Animator t-shirt or take us out for egg rolls and General Tso’s for dinner, either/both would be acceptable (and appreciated)!

Thanks to our viewers for viewing, especially those that actually stick around and aren’t just misdirected here while looking for Japanese fetish porn. Don’t worry, we don’t judge here… Look for the next episode to explode its way screaming from my frontal lobe sometime this Sunday as we drag ass onto our next milestone. Here’s to another year of fighting the urge to just give up and die! 😀