Infernal Moonshine of the Blemished Mind

Sorry for the lack of activity in recent weeks, everyone. Uncle Anubis has been battling some “personal demons” as the wrestling industry likes to call them. Not of the bottle or of the pipe, but of the mind. I’ve been fending off a coup by the creeping rot ghouls that have been biding their time in the recesses of my skull since puberty, just waiting for the right moment of weakness to put the machinations of their plot into action. It has its good days, it has its bad days, but either way I’ve been having trouble trying to focus on being funny and/or creative in regards to textually assaulting other people’s hard work.

But, just wanted to reach out and let everyone know I haven’t given up on the Tomb and I hope to have my next review up within the next few days. Until then, why not get reacquainted with some old friends and read through the 75 other reviews currently posted on the site? Surely you can’t have read them all, right?!

Take care, kids. Don’t fight. Unless you’re fighting the good fight. In which case fight it every moment. Every minute. Every day. Yeah.


Back with a Vengeance!

I’ve been a little off my game for the last few weeks, struggling with my review for the next World Tour entry. But it’s time to gather up your tissues, because I’m coming on strong (some would say I come on too strong) this weekend with a new episode to grease your glory holes! Exercise those kegels, boys and girls, cuz you don’t wanna pull a muscle! Well, I can think of one muscle I wouldn’t mind pulling, but let’s keep all tugging limited to our heartstrings, savy? Groovy.