Crystal Lake Memories

The Evil Dead Bride and yours truly spent today watching the entirety of the 8 hour Friday the 13th documentary “Crystal Lake Memories”, based on the massive book of the same name. Yep. EIGHT. HOURS.


2 thoughts on “Crystal Lake Memories

  1. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to review movies and post up your opinions on the website. I have been a long time follower (still remember the old website). I was wondering if you ever got through your movie list (I remember you had about 500+ movies and were planning to write reviews over them…remember some old school kung fu flicks that would have been interesting to read the reviews about them).

    • Miguel! Holy shit! I remember you sending me a bit of fan mail from The Tomb’s old days! Good to see you’re still a fan, brother! 😀

      Sadly, I’ll never get through all the movies I own. That list of 500 has grown to several thousand. I won’t be doing any older movie reviews on the new site, but I’d like to try and put together a digital book of retooled pieces from the old place and knock out a few dozens all new ones to boot! It’ll probably go for less than $5 through Amazon, but that’s also contingent upon there being enough interest for me to put the time into it. Despite the decent numbers the current site is pulling, there’s so little viewer feedback that it feels like a lot of those numbers are just people who got misdirected while searching for weird porn. :/

      Thanks for following us to the new address though, and we hope we can keep you entertained for years to come!

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