Out of the terrible twos and into the threatening threes!

Happy Birthday to us! The Tomb turns 3 today!

What’s in store for the devil’s month in these four virtual walls? On the 13th I’ll be starting something new that I hope to make a long term thing. Want a hint? Tough titties. What else will I be doing for the weeks leading up to All Hallow’s Eve? Well, I wanted to say it’ll mean a focus on pure horror flicks, but my next review immediately ruins that claim so… I guess what and see?

Anyway, thanks to those who have discovered us in these last three years and bigger thanks (THANKS!) to those who have stuck with us even longer. From the neophytes to the elder statesmen (shout outs to Miguel Reyes and Adam Minarovich!), reader feedback and visitor numbers motivate me to keep putting this crap out there and keep me a little more mentally functional. Visiting this site may or may not curse you to agonizing death like Sadako’s home movies, so better to play it safe and share the shame with your friends and family. Circulate the site!

Until next time, keep on truckin’ motherfuckers, and always remember to keep a machete by your bedside. You never know when Nazi vampire Uwe Boll might try sneaking into your bedroom to stink a finger in your butt.


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