Tomb Update

STILL not dead. However, here’s an update. Since my mental state is in a constant state of flux, I currently exist in a mindset where structure is at the bottom of my list of things I want to adhere to. As such, I’m officially abandoning any and every thematic review I had planned to post, thus tossing my entire itinerary into the metaphorical dumpster. This means I WON’T be posting any more “Painted Horrors” movie, nor will I be continuing the Zodiac with another theme, nor will I be revisiting my unfinished “Tour de Farce” gimmick. Finally, given the month, I’m sorry to say I also won’t be doing “Turkey Day Month” this year.

What WILL I be doing? Whatever the fuck I want. I’ve got half a dozen movies I’ve watched recently that I’m already putting together reviews for. If you’re a fan of the theme stuff, sorry if this disappoints you. However, right now it’s the only way to work material through the labyrinth of my psyche and eject them straight into your gaping brain holes.

I still have several other projects I’m very slowly crawling my way through that I hope to share with everyone sooner or later (depending on milestones), so thanks for those who continue to stick with me. I hope to make your fandom (whatever the extent of it) worth your while.

Back to the grindstone! Keep those previously mentioned brain holes wet, kids, because you never know when I’m going to hand you something to shove into them! Toodles.


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