For each day of October, my Evil Dead Bride and I will be watching one randomly selected title from a list of 31 horror flicks that one or both of us has yet to see. My intention is to write a short review for each movie daily as a Facebook exclusive to thank our little legion of followers for sticking with us for these first five years of cinemasochist mayhem at the new site!

As a bonus thanks, for every share of one of these reviews by one of our Facebook followers, they will get an entry into a drawing for a box of various Halloween and horror themed goodies straight from your 4th or 5th favorite Death God (me)! So, the more reviews you share to your friends, the more entries you get!

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I’ve just officially renewed the domain name for another year. Guess I should review something. How about an anthology? Haven’t had one of those in a while.

Spam-Bot Holocaust

My apologies to the seven people who still come to this page, but I had to disable commenting for the Puppet Master: the Littlest Reich review. No doubt thoroughly testing their spam bots in lieu of upcoming US elections, worthless dick sneeze junk mailers and useless cunt snot phishermen (and phisherwomen) have upped their usual bombardment levels from “pathetic” to “okay, you can stop now”. Given that I’ve gotten zero actual feedback on the review from any legitimate readers, this doesn’t really mean anything…