Spam-Bot Holocaust

My apologies to the seven people who still come to this page, but I had to disable commenting for the Puppet Master: the Littlest Reich review. No doubt thoroughly testing their spam bots in lieu of upcoming US elections, worthless dick sneeze junk mailers and useless cunt snot phishermen (and phisherwomen) have upped their usual bombardment levels from “pathetic” to “okay, you can stop now”. Given that I’ve gotten zero actual feedback on the review from any legitimate readers, this doesn’t really mean anything…

4 thoughts on “Spam-Bot Holocaust

  1. And here I was, having only now finally had the time to read it. (Actually doing work at my job has seriously cut into the time I have available to sit around reading blogs all day).

    Not at all sure I like this whole “Toulon is a Nazi” thing. Was hoping there would be a twist at the end with a cosmic cube and a CGI Guy Rolfe fighting Udo Kier.

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